Any views or opinions I express here are strictly my own and do not reflect those of my employer.


Most posts on this site will deal with topics relating to network virtualization and automation.  The network industry is changing rapidly and we, as network architects, engineers, and administrators, must change with it.  Coming from the same CLI copy/paste background I did, this can be a tricky task.  This blog will attempt to cover topics that will make that move easier.


I am currently a Cloud Network Architect on the VMware private cloud team.  One of the goals of our team is to get operational runtime at large scale to uncover design and functional issues before customers find them instead.

My work history is pretty traditional network engineering.  I worked for 10 years in a large enterprise environment, making my way through support, build, design, and architecture roles.  In that time, I worked on different aspects of networking including data center, campus, WAN, and remote office.  I made the move to more of a cloud role at a multi tenant voice/collaboration hosting provider, but physical network concepts were still the driving force.  Once I started at VMware, I became much more involved in the world of software defined networking and large scale clouds.